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  • Connect information from any source.
  • Surface relevant information based on your usage. In a browser, in source code, etc.
  • Local-first. Your data never leaves your computer and is searchable instantly.

A screenshot


... this does not do the system justice. We will create a video.

What is this?

A tool to help you synthesize information. It's comparable to a note taking app or research tool, but it is built on the assumption that not all data exists within a closed system. You can connect to data outside of Uncloud just as easily as data inside of Uncloud.

See our intro video for a real-life demonstration.

Why would I want this?

  • You have data in many different apps and wish you could connect them.
  • You're frustrated by being "locked in" to one various software.
  • You work with information as a primary function of your job.

Who built this?

We're two software engineers who believe that when it comes to computers we (humans) have barely scratched the surface of what's possible. There's a mind-boggling amount of potential and opportunity trapped in your data, but it's currently very difficult to access and do anything with your own data if you aren't the CEO of a big-tech company.

We want computers to work with your brain. Since everybody's brain is different, we believe the only way this can happen is if you are in control of your own data and able to change how you interact with it as you see fit. Your data should be local, in your control, and stored in formats that are durable, flexible, and open. It's your data. Use it the way you want to.

We decided to start with browser history because as coders getting back to that one SO post that succinctly explains how to do something we know we've learned before, but not being able to find the right post via Google is a problem we face regularly.

We see Uncloud as just the first step in a longer journey. Uncloud is built around a pluggable interface that can search over many kinds of data, and we are working on adding more plugins to allow searching over things like your Notion notes, Google docs, the people you follow on Twitter, chat messages, and more.

How will pricing work?

Uncloud is free while in beta and we're still building out the features. Once out of beta we plan to charge a fee. This will make it sustainable for us to continue developing the product.

That said, as a thank you to our early users we plan to offer free lifetime usage to anyone who signs up during the beta period. See business model below.

We're also very open to feedback. If you have thoughts send one or both of us a DM and we'll chat (contact information above).

What's your business model?

The plan is to charge our users. You pay us, we provide services to you. There is no hidden third party.

The pricing model is not yet set. We hope to offer the app for free and charge for more advanced or storage-intensive features (i.e. a "freemium" pricing model).

Our aim is to completely change the way you interact with all your data (because it is your data) across all your computers and cloud services. Part of the problem we're trying to address is the proliferation of apps that monetize your attention or your data rather than simply charging for services offered. We want this to be a sustainable product with a traditional business model (paying for a product or service) rather than an attempt to offer a 'free' product that you pay for with your behavioral data.

What do you do with my data?

We aggregate it into a single database (SQLite) on your computer and provide functionality on top of that data. Such as linking, aggregation and note taking.

Is my data secure?

Generally, yes. Uncloud is a local app, meaning it runs entirely on your computer. This means the data is as secure as your computer.

We don't transmit your data anywhere. You can confirm this for yourself if you're so inclined by using a network traffic monitor such as Lulu or Little Snitch.

Can I customize Uncloud?

Yes, but it's a very early-stage feature. Uncloud has a plugin system that is currently undocumented. We will be releasing documentation on how to extend Uncloud, but until then feel free to message us in the Discord and we'd be happy to help.

Want to know more?

Come chat with us on Discord or Twitter or try the app and see for yourself.

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